In this page we aim to collect the following:

  • presentations, blog posts and academic publications in which OpenWISP is either the main subject or it’s mentioned

  • logos and other design files


OpenWISP: a Hackable Network Management System for the 21st Century

Presented by Federico Capoano at the IETF Meeting 103 Bangkok:

django-freeradius at PyCon Italia 2018

Presented by Fiorella De Luca at PyCon Italy 2018:

OpenWISP 2: the modular configuration manager for OpenWRT

Presented by Federico Capoano at OpenWRT Summit 2017 in Prague:

Applying the Unix Philosophy to Django projects

Presented by Federico Capoano at PyCon Italy 2017:

Opening Proprietary Networks with OpenWISP

Lightning talk by Federico Capoano at DjangoCon Europe 2017:

OpenWISP2 a self hosted solution to control OpenWRT/LEDE devices

Talk by Federico Capoano at FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels:

Do you really need to fork OpenWRT?

Presented at OpenWRT Summit 2015 in Dublin:

OpenWISP GARR Conference 2011

Interview for GARR Conference presented by Davide Guerri (in Italian):

OpenWISP e Progetti WiFi Nazionali

Interview for GARRTV by Davide Guerri (in Italian):

Google Summer of Code Blog Posts

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