OpenWISP participates in Hacktoberfest 2021!

If you are reading this page you are probably considering OpenWISP as a possible organization to contribute for Hacktoberfest, welcome!

If you are looking for a friendly community where your contribution will have a very tangible positive effect from the first day of your participation and where you can grow your tech skills at 360°, then CONGRATULATIONS! OpenWISP is the right organization for you.

How to get started

1. Read the contributing guidelines

Avoid common pitfalls by reading our Contributing guidelines.

This will result in your pull requests being merged faster and less overhead for maintainers.

2. Project Board

Look for issues labeled hacktoberfest in the OpenWISP Hacktoberfest Contributor’s Board..

Feel free to ask question regarding points which are not clear, but please ensure your questions are specific.

3. Announce you’re working on something

When you are working on an issue you think you are going to solve, please let everyone know by leaving a comment on the Github issue so we can avoid wasted efforts from multiple contributors working on the same patch.

However, if you stop working on it, please also let us know.

If you find somebody else has announced they’re working on an issue you would like to do, you may want to double check they’re still working on it by leaving a comment on the issue.

4. Join the general chat

Join our general chat to better coordinate with the community.

5. Help us to grow

Caring for Open Source also means helping its communities grow.

Growing is important because it will allow us to have more mentors in the future so we will able to help out more contributors to advance their skills.

Hint: try to do some of the easiest actions described in Help us to grow.

Main Rules

1. Stay on topic

The aim of this program is to help participants learn to contribute to open source meaningfully, which for us means contributing to our mission and end goals. Since new contributors are not suited to work on critical tasks due to their inherent complexity, we prepared a list of easier and well defined issues that can be used to get started, please refer to our OpenWISP Hacktoberfest Contributor’s Board.

2. Spammy pull requests won’t be accepted

Spammy pull requests containing minor changes (fixing typos, grammars, etc.) that are aimed simply at increasing your Hacktoberfest score will be flagged as invalid.

This behavior is not compatible with the spirit of the program, if you are doing this you are missing the point of Hacktoberfest, Open Source and you are just wasting everyone’s time (including yours, because you could be learning something new instead of trying to naively trick the system).

3. Be constructive

Please try to be constructive and patient when interacting with maintainers and contributors.

If you feel you’re not treated fairly, please refer to the instructions for reporting unacceptable behavior in our Code of Conduct.