Google Summer of Code


If you are reading this page you are probably considering OpenWISP as a possible mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code, that’s great!

If you are looking for a friendly community where your contribution will have a very tangible positive effect from the first day of your participation and where you can grow your tech skills at 360°, then CONGRATULATIONS! OpenWISP is the right organization for you.

How to run a successful Google Summer of Code


First of all: PLEASE, PLEASE, read all the information contained in this page (including links!) because this will save everybody involved a lot of time. We would rather spend our time coding than repeating the same stuff over and over.

Have you read the Student manual yet? If not, please do because it’s a MUST if you want to be successful!

Communication with the rest of the community is vital for a successful Google Summer of Code, please join our communication channels, join our mailing list (receive all emails please, and filter them in your mail box so they are moved to an “OpenWISP” folder), present yourself on the mailing list and on chat, tell us who you are, what your values are, what is attracting to OpenWISP and don’t be cold like a robot! Stay human :-).

How to become an OpenWISP star


Here’s a few quick tricks you can use to become a star in our community:

  • read the founding values and goals of OpenWISP, are you on our side?

  • study and follow closely the contributing guidelines

  • be patient in the interaction with your mentors, we are all volunteers, we are taking our time to mentor you from our free time which we usually spend family and loved ones

  • we know our documentation is incomplete and fragmented, we are working hard to fix it; if you find a passage that is not clear or you have an idea about how to improve it, please let us know!

  • start using OpenWISP 2: install it, run it, play with it; understand its structure

  • start contributing (eg: fix easy bugs, write documentation, improve tests); look for open issues in our most used repositories on (ask in our support channels before starting to code please! we have many legacy repositories that are not under active development anymore)

  • if we ask you to open an issue in one of our github repository, please take at least 5 minutes of time to write a proper bug report

  • watch the OpenWISP 2 presentation at the recent OpenWRT Summit 2017 and read the slides of this more technical OpenWISP 2 talk

  • try using OpenWISP in real use case scenarios (find out if there’s a free wifi community near your area), spend time reading its code, ask questions

  • try to participate in the community, if a fellow member is in need of help and you know how to help him, please do so, we will reward you

Time to start hacking


If you are not familiar with the following concepts yet, take the time to read these resources, it will help you to speed up your raise to the top!

Programming languages and frameworks:

Networking concepts:

Configuration management: