Ansible is a very popular software automation tool written in python that is generally used for automating software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment.


Ansible role that installs the openwisp2 controller.


Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app.


django-freeradius is a reusable django app that provides an admin interface to a freeradius database.


django-x509 is a reusable django app implementing x509 PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) certificates management.


The LEDE Project (“Linux Embedded Development Environment”) is a Linux operating system based on OpenWRT.

It is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware of a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices.

Mesh Network

A mesh network is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as possible and cooperate with one another to efficiently route data from/to clients.


NetJSON is a data interchange format based on JSON designed to ease the development of software tools for computer networks.


See What is OpenWISP?


openwisp-config is the agent for OpenWRT / LEDE that allows OpenWISP 2 to remotely send configuration updates.


OpenWRT is an open source project for embedded operating system based on Linux, primarily used on embedded devices to route network traffic.


RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) is a networking protocol that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting management for users who connect and use a network service.